Are you sure you're focusing the right sales niche on LinkedIn?

Choosing the right LinkedIn Industry can be crucial for your sales and networking, finding the new connections, building meaningful relationships and acquiring a new customer on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has exactly 148 industries inside the platform. Choosing the right one can sometimes be very difficult.

If you choose the LinkedIn industry where there are no too many people, you can end up with a smaller, but more meaningful connection circle and easily add on the top of your sales.

On the other hand, if you choose the big LinkedIn industry, there are more people that can be the right fit for you and your company, but there is also much more noise and more competitors.

In this article, we’re going to see the newest LinkedIn industries benchmark and statistics that will help you to find the best LinkedIn industries where you should put your efforts while doing sales and networking on LinkedIn.

Also, we’re going to see the LinkedIn industries list with the exact number of people inside them.

So, let’s dive right into the data :)

LinkedIn Industries Benchmark and Statistics

In 2016, Joshua Waldman did really great research on the LinkedIn Industries rankings. But, it has been more than 3 years since than, and LinkedIn got 100M+ of new users.

So things are changed. Here’s how it looked 3 years ago:

As we can see, the top industry on LinkedIn was Information Technology and Services with amazing 10.9% of all LinkedIn users followed by Marketing and Advertising and Human resources with 8.9% and 3.9%.

Honestly, this is what everyone expected. But right now, the things are different.

You’re going to be surprised when you see the new benchmark.

Currently, LinkedIn has 575M+ users while more than 260 million of them are active on a monthly basis.

We carefully researched every LinkedIn industry and collected the number of all users inside them.

Here’s how the new benchmark looks like:

As you can see, Information Technology and Services still holds first place with 4.9% of all LinkedIn users.

Surprisingly, the second and third place are Hospital & Health Care LinkedIn Industry (with 3.7 % of people), and Construction industry (with 3.6% of people).

On the other hand, Marketing & Advertising and Human Resources are on the 11th and 25th place of the most popular LinkedIn Industries.

Keeping all of this in mind, here’s the LinkedIn industries list of the 10 most industries:

  1. Information Technology and Services
  2. Hospital & Health Care
  3. Construction
  4. Education Management
  5. Retail
  6. Financial Services
  7. Accounting
  8. Computer Software
  9. Automotive
  10. Higher Education

On the other hand, here’re the 10 LinkedIn industries with the lowest number of people:

  1. Legislative Office
  2. Nanotechnology
  3. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  4. Railroad Manufacture
  5. Tobacco
  6. Fund-Raising
  7. Fishery
  8. Political Organization
  9. Think Thanks
  10. Shipbuilding

When we take the look at the Joshuas findings from 2016, we will see that 6 LinkedIn industries that were one of the most popular industries 3 years ago are not in the top 10 list of LinkedIn Industries right now.

This includes Marketing & Advertising, Human Resources, Staffing and Recruiting, Internet, Management Consulting and Telecommunications.

Based on this, we can conclude that:

  • LinkedIn is officially not just used for recruiting and human resources. It grew into the world’s most popular social media network of LinkedIn professionals. Even more, it looks like LinkedIn is not the primary source of HR professionals anymore.
  • Marketing, advertising and consulting jobs became less popular in the last 3 years.
  • On the other hand, the LinkedIn network is now more focused on bringing new solutions in the Hospital & Health Care and education industries than ever before.

The most important things we can conclude is that LinkedIn is not only the place for job openings and recruiting new people.

Right now, LinkedIn is the place where the business professionals from different LinkedIn industries are gathering and providing a value between each other.

In order to become influential in your LinkedIn industry, you need to know how to post on LinkedIn and make an outstanding LinkedIn Profile.

But, before you do that, let’s see the final LinkedIn industries list with the exact number of people in each LinkedIn industry.

LinkedIn Industries List

As promised, here’s the list of LinkedIn industries ranked from the top to the bottom:

LinkedIn Industry Number of people
Information Technology and Services 19196677
Hospital & Health Care 14503513
Construction 14257823
Education Management 11429173
Retail 11249719
Financial Services 10379252
Accounting 9463207
Computer Software 8845451
Automotive 8520162
Higher Education 8227289
Marketing & Advertising 8200733
Government Administration 8191039
Banking 8050709
Health, Welness & Fitness 7264545
Real Estate 7190024
Telecommunications 6642734
Oil & Energy 6486440
Food & Beverages 6476410
Hospitality 5689703
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering 5609882
Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing 5288276
Primary/Secondary Education 5281252
Insurance 5273627
Internet 5009576
Human Resources 4689437
Medical Practice 4647230
Transportation/Trucking/Railroad 4330232
Consumer Services 4306866
Management Consulting 4071874
Pharmaceuticals 3982488
Civil Engineering 3945173
Design 3931675
Research 3881172
Restaurants 3624691
Logistics & Supply Chain 3546524
Architecture & Planning 3532260
Law Practice 3529127
Apparel & Fashion 3252150
Consumer Goods 3203873
Facilities Services 3165573
Food Production 3119302
Non-profit Organization Management 3068321
Entertainment 2932462
Machinery 2916741
Chemicals 2832195
Arts & Crafts 2739434
Wholesale 2666294
Utilities 2535723
Legal Services 2494586
Farming 2431031
Mining & Metals 2421183
Airlines/Aviation 2405731
Leisure, Travel & Turism 2349983
Sporting Goods 2342739
Building Materials 2317973
Music 2149857
Enviromental Services 2137698
Professional Training & Coaching 2030905
Medical Device 2030520
Individual & Family Services 1860604
Cosmetics 1809116
Mental Health Care 1727206
Aviation and Aerospace 1672897
Staffing & Recruiting 1672466
Industrial Automation 1653869
Graphic Design 1639527
Security & Investigations 1614345
Import and Export 1595332
Public Relations and Communications 1565888
Textiles 1563422
Military 1551130
Broadcast Media 1542716
Biotechnology 1536566
Media Production 1520411
Business Supplies & Equipment 1513730
Computer Networking 1489730
Writing & Editing 1475735
Consumer Elecronics 1465350
International Trade and Development 1397993
Events Services 1389237
Photography 1366983
Renewables & Envirnoment 1318363
Computer Hardware 1315815
Civic and Social Organization 1275655
Furniture 1197044
Defense & Space 1184912
Computer & Network Security 1143077
Printing 1130902
Fine Art 1103610
Religious Institutions 1062678
Investmend Management 1050092
Law Enforcement 1033675
Publishing 1028001
Information Services 975115
Maritime 954962
Outsourcing/Offshoring 938856
Warehousing 937743
E-learning 888433
Executive Office 874947
Government Relations 847985
Animation 828609
Semiconducs 801795
Supermarkets 774477
Program Development 720828
Public Safety 719803
Plastics 717090
Alternative Medicine 701539
Performing Arts 679161
Online Media 676664
Motion Pictures & Film 675210
Commercial Real Estate 673941
Judiciary 668991
Packaging and Containers 658331
Luxury Goods & Jewelry 622203
Veterinary 620386
Computer Games 608479
Investment Banking 603021
Market Research 602979
International Affairs 601210
Wine & Spirits 559993
Newspapers 558398
Translation & Localisation 556080
Recreational Facilities & Services 546573
Sporting Goods 540562
Paper & Forest Products 532646
Capital Markets 522357
Public Policy 519698
Package/Freight Delivery 519161
Libraries 456492
Wireless 451410
Gambling & Casinos 435111
Venture Capital & Private Equity 408043
Glass, Ceramics & Concrete 398075
Philanthropy 387678
Ranching 386123
Dairy 364430
Museums and Institutions 358110
Shipbuilding 353022
Think Thanks 335248
Political Organization 329724
Fishery 282056
Fund-Raising 258899
Tobacco 243124
Railroad Manufacture 236080
Alternative Dispute Resolution 223680
Nanotechnology 166608
Legislative Office 139994

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What to do with this information?

Don’t despair if you’re in the low ranking industry. Your networking will not be impossible, just a little bit more difficult. Fortunately, since you have fewer people in your industry, you also have less competition and you will be able to build more meaningful relationships.

If you’re in the high ranking LinkedIn industry like Information Technology and Services or Computer Software, you may face a bigger competition. Thus, if you want to be heard and to have the loudest voice, you will need to work on your LinkedIn marketing and content strategies.

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